My Green Business

We offer green audits, green business workshops and strategic business advice.

My Green Audit

With My Green Audit you will identify where you can make savings in your business, both for your pocket and for the planet.

Ruler blue - Measure your carbon icon


Your carbon footprint

Down arrow blue icon - Reduce Your Carbon


Carbon emissions with changes to your business

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Your remaining carbon footprint through projects worldwide

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Your new sustainable business practices to your customers

  • Make practical changes to your business.
  • Provide sustainability leadership in your locality/business sector/profession.
  • Connect with your customers with your sustainable business ethic.

Green Business Workshop

What do I need to know about climate change? Why is it important? What can I do? What can my business do? All these questions are answered in our interactive workshop where you will discover more about:

  • The science. What is climate change?

  • The global view. Past, present and future.

  • The local view. What's happening in Ireland?

  • What can you do?

  • What can your business do?

You'll come away with practical ideas you can implement straight away. And food for thought on your future business strategy.

Strategic Business Advice

Are you ready to make sustainability a core part of your business practices? We can provide an in depth review of your business from a green perspective on the principles of the triple bottom line.

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The social impact of your business on the people you employ, your supply chain and your customers

Profit icon


The financial impact of your business creating long term, sustainable profitability and reducing costs

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The environmental impact of how you operate and the products or services you trade

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